Opportunities Around the World

LIN Network per July 2020
Geographical Coverage: more than 60 countries
Network: more than 200 Agents and Partners


Value Proposition

LIN Enterprises is a worldwide acting company and value creator that provides methodologies, processes and services that allows business partners all around the world to engage in international business transactions.

LIN Enterprises is an international facilitator that cares about a genuine offer, reduces risks for all parties involved and makes sure that each project is executed most professionally.

LIN Enterprises offers a local approach and leverages any business opportunity to international business partners by providing a strong team of Agents, Project Managers, Country Managers, Regional Directors and the LIN Leadership Team.

LIN Enterprises is a communicator, facilitator, management consultant, advisor, business developer, negotiator market-maker, deal-closer, problem-solver, business buddy and a trustful partner.

Worldwide Network

LIN Enterprises has set up a worldwide network of professionals and agents who connect to local companies and identify business opportunities.

LIN’s Agents are Management Consultants, Business Developers and Freelancers who engage with as ad add-on or plug-in.

The Agents are called LIN Business Advisors (LBAs) who offer their professional skills to develop, promote and market LIN's value proposition.

Conduct of Business

LIN Enterprises follows strict ethical guidelines to offer partners all around the world a partnership that they can rely on.

  • Providing clarity and transparency to Agents, Customers, Project Owners, Investors, Buyers and all parties involved
  • Being instrumental in reducing risks of international business transactions
  • Offering a clear structure, clear processes and working on legally enforceable agreements
  • Solving communication problems between parties pro-actively and bridging cultural disparities
  • Acting according to international laws and regulations and respecting international embargoes and trade restrictions
  • Being a facilitator and a "problem solver” in any phase of the project
  • Engaging in a solid value creation process throughout the whole project
  • Becoming a trusted partner for all parties involved

Contact LIN Enterprises under welcome@linenter.com to get more information.

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