Opportunities Around the World

LIN Network per 11 June 2020
Country Coverage: >60
Partners Worldwide: >175


LIN's Value Proposition

The LIN System and the methodologies have been developed and cultivated over years. LIN’s business culture has become an asset for every partner with honest intentions.

LIN’s service portfolio includes Commodity Trade & Product Sale as well as Funding Arrangements and Mergers & Acquisitions.

LIN is a communicator, facilitator, management consultant, advisor, business developer, negotiator market-maker, deal-closer, problem-solver, business buddy and a trustful partner.

Medical Supply

LIN is an end-to-end service provider that directly connects the buyer with the producer.

Funding Arrangements and M&A

LIN is a facilitator between companies who have a funding requirement or wish to sell their company and international investors from all around the world.

LIN has developed a systematized approach and clear processes for engaging into investment opportunities.

LIN has set up a worldwide network of professional partners and agents who connect to local companies and identify off-market investment opportunities.

LIN’s agents and partners are Management Consultants, Advisers, Business Developers and Freelancers who work with LIN to connect with commercial companies in Africa, Latin America, Asia, North America, Europe, CIS and Australia.