Trust, Confidence and Integrity

Leading by Example and Driven by Competence

LIN has developed a hierarchy to efficiently serve international markets.

The LIN Leadership Team comprises of LIN Regional Directors (LRDs), LIN Country Managers (LCMs) and more than 200 Agents (LBAs) and Partners (LBPs) all around the world.

  • LIN has a decentralized structure to directly approach the target groups locally and to understand the market needs.
  • The LIN Leadership Structure respects reporting lines, shares competences and shares the proceeds according to the value creation of each individual.
  • The Agents are getting coached individually or in the LIN Webinars to provide them with an additional skill set to succeed in their endeavors.
  • LIN serves the market most professionally and creates value for all parties involved.
  • LINs Leadership Team is aspired by being an asset when developing sustainable projects all around the world.

LIN's Leadership Team

Mr. Reinhard Wind - Founder and CEO

Mr. Erwin Hochwarter – General Manager of LIN Enterprises GmbH

Mr. John Brinkhurst - LIN Regional Director North-East-West Africa English Speaking

Mr. César Esparragoza Amon - LIN Regional Director Central and South America

Mr. Paul Stevens - LIN Regional Director Australasia

Mr. Kongsak Latratana - LIN Regional Director South-East Asia

Mr. Mohamed Moussaoui - LIN Business Advisor and trusted Sourcing Partner for China

Mr. Minassie Girma – LIN Country Manager for Ethiopia

Mr. Joao Pizzio – LIN Country Manager for Brazil

Ms. Caroline Karangi – LIN Country Manager for Kenya

If you are interested in being part of LIN, please send a meaningful letter with CV to Tell us why you believe to be the right person for LIN and why you will sustain, thrive and succeed.