Products Sale

Covid-19 has disrupted the world and has brought the worldwide supply chains almost to a standstill. Alternative ways had to be found to source medical supplies and personal protection equipment (PPE) from all around the world.

LINs expertise in connecting the world has been a powerful factor in sourcing products from the Far East and providing buyers in Europe, Africa and Latin America with direly needed products.

LIN has developed 4 sourcing centers in China and in the Far East to provide buyers with a competitive offer. More than that LIN mainly works together with the producers directly and acts as a facilitator to put the buyer into a position to reduce risks and to have clear and transparent payment procedures, internationally accredited documents and a secure supply chain.

Medical Supply, Personal Protection Equipment, Supermarket Supplies and the very demanding Automotive and Aeronautical Industries count to our main fields of expertise, but please test LIN with any other supply you wish to source from the Far East or anywhere else.

Please fill out a Letter of Intent (LOI) and send to and we will be back to you within a couple of hours.

Commodity Trade

For years LIN was asked to utilize its worldwide network to engage in Commodity Trade, but first other revenue streams needed to be strengthened before entering a new field of business.

In the past years the world has changed substantially and a shift in the worlds’ supply chains has become noticeable.

As a result, Latin America and Africa have become a focal point for sourcing agricultural products, meat products and minerals.

With its worldwide network and agents all around the world, LIN identifies sellers in Latin America and Africa on one side and buyers in the United States, Europe and the Far East on the other side.

LIN only engages directly with the seller or the buyer and signs legally enforceable agreements to reduce any risks for the parties involved.

Please fill out a Letter of Intent (LOI) and send to and we will be back to you within a couple of hours.