Introducing the LIN System

The pragmatic approach to serve mid-sized companies and investors from all around the world

LIN has set up an agency system and a supply system to act as an end-to-end facilitator for mid-sized companies who have funding needs, wish to sell their company or need to find an international partner.

LIN aligns with revenue generating companies to identify off-market investment opportunities in all geographies and to promote them to Investors, Funders or Buyers.

LIN's Agency System

LIN offers Management Consultants, Business Development Managers and Freelancers to become an agent. The agent uses LIN as an Add-On or Plug-In to his main business to access mid-sized companies with LIN’s Service Portfolio.

LIN's Service Portfolio

  1. Facilitating International Funding Arrangements
  2. Engaging in Mergers & Acquisitions
  3. International Business Development Programs
  4. Commodity Trade Opportunities

LIN's Supply System

As an end-to-end facilitator LIN not only connects with commercial companies in different countries, but also accesses Investors, Funders and Buyers all around the world.

LIN is in direct contact with Equity Investors, High Net Worth Individuals (HNWI), Venture Capital Companies, Angel Investors, Private Investors and others, or works together with companies, organizations and individuals who themselves have direct access to Investors, Funders and Buyers.

LIN's Unique Value Proposition

By developing an Agent System as well as a Supply System, LIN becomes an End-To-End provider that can adjust to market needs flexibly and most ideally.